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Following a detailed study of the laws of physical movement, particular those that govern time and space, as formalized by Albert Einstein (theory of relativity), which culminated in a new understanding of the problem of movement, Jo Vandemeulebroucke, inspired by this view, has adapted the traditional treatment recognized by the Utrecht School of Manual Therapy. >>> Article dans ‘Le monde vétériniaire’ FR

Within the VDM concept, the joints are mobilised according to a 4-dimensional method – space and time. This has made Jo Vandemeulebroucke the first person in the world to succeed in mobilising in four dimensions. In order to be able to mobilise in 4D, it’s necessary to imagine 4D representations. This actually requires a curved view of space en time, for which it is vital to have the indispensable manual experience. The mobilisations provide, by means of the neurological system, very specific information from the motor collagen tissue (joint capsules, ligaments, discs, meniscus,etc…). The joints movements are therefore made in more effective way. In this way, the muscles and tendons are able to function by means of a more adequate ‘lever effect’, i.e. by requiring less energy. This is known as the ‘minimum principle’. By proceeding in this way, the likelihood of corporal lesions is reduced, since the movement in the joint is made according to the most favorable trajectories. This single treatment system, which has already been presented at conferences, has already been well received by al large number of doctors, engineers, manual therapists, etc.

Jo Vandemeulebroucke has adapted this human model to horses.

The concept is applied in order to prevent accidents and enhance performance within sporting environments, both generally and at top level. Higher, faster, stronger – for athletes that wish to achieve results at the highest level, the targeted mobilisation of the joints represents a ‘conditio sine qua non’. This is what 4-dimensional mobilisations achieve in athletes (whether they are horses of human). This means, for example, that during show jumping, the horse can jump higher. Racing horses can run faster, while dressage horses will be able to move in more supple manner.

As well as training and coaching, it has been shown that movement optimisation is actually indispensable in order to achieve performance at the highest level.

The muscles can by trained in order to increase strength, coordination and agility. But a joint treatment is necessary to avoid ‘overload problems’. Overload results from dysfunctions in the movement chain. The VDM concept corrects the dysfunctions and prevents other dysfunctions from occurring in the future. Moreover, optimum movement conditions will be created, which will increase the sporting performance by means of a completely natural manual method.

At the heart of his practice, Jo Vandemeulebroucke has had the privilege of contributing to remedial/preventive treatment and/or in the field of performance support for a major of champions at international level for a wide range of sporting disciplines, also some Group I – winners.

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